Fiber Stim

BUCKED UP Fiber Caff Powder is a first of its kind supplement created to not only boost energy and productivity; but give you all the benefits of soluble fiber as well. We started by taking three different sources of 100% all-natural caffeine and incorporated a GMO-free, 100% soluble, natural fiber. Pure caffeine powder by weight may be toxic or even fatal in even small quantities, however, by incorporating the fiber we are able to dilute the caffeine to much safer levels. Optimize your day, reduce cravings, feel full longer, and eliminate the crash with BUCKED UP Caffeine Powder.

  • fibersmart – 100% soluble, all-natural, non-GMO fiber
  • Camellia Sinensis – An ancient Chinese shrub used to produce the majority of the world’s teas*
  • Green Tea – A potent fat burner, antioxidant, and energy source*
  • Guarana – South American plant known for energy & fat burning*


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