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You go hard. In the gym, at work, at home. You are tireless. To keep your body and mind running at optimal levels, you need quality nutrients. In an ideal world, that would be whole foods never plagued by chemicals or processed five thousand times.

This is not an ideal world, though. Not all of us can afford grass-fed, hormone free, raised in a hippie’s backyard food sources. Our guts must fight to extract essential vitamins and minerals. It’s often an uphill battle — and the bad bacteria has the higher ground. BUCKED UP Enzymes is here to change the terrain and give your gut the advantage.

Formulated with a variety of macro-specific enzymes, BUCKED UP Enzymes has you covered on all fronts. This product helps digest carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and dairy products. Not only that, we’ve included prebiotics to promote the strength of your good bacteria so it can more effectively wage war on any bad bacteria in your gut.

Warning: You may experience:

  • Stronger immune system: Nothing hinders goals like feeling “under the weather.” The best way you can keep crushing your goals is to equip yourself with the armor necessary to strengthen your immune system — and rise above those nasty clouds. Considering that approximately 70% of your immune system is located in your gut, you need to make your gut health a priority.
  • Improved digestion: Many digestive disorders are caused by too much bad bacteria in the gut. By promoting the growth of healthy bacteria and improving how well your system digests foods, Bucked Up enzymes can protect your gut.
  • Nutrient Absorption: If you’re reading this, you care about your health and fitness. Whatever “diet” you prescribe to, you know the importance of quality nutrients. I hate to break it to you, but if you have an unhealthy gut you can eat as much lean protein as your pecs/glutes desire, and you still won’t see optimal results. To build muscle, nutrients have to be absorbed into the system. As such, a healthy microbiome is essential for building muscle and, for that matter, quality living.
  • Sustainable Weight Loss: A poor digestive system may not eliminate toxins as efficiently. This can lead to storing more food as fat instead of energy.
  • Stress Support: We have more comforts of society than any time in history. Yet, the majority of us are constantly stressed. A lot of factors can play into this, of course. But get this; recent studies have started to show a powerful link between the gut and our emotions. Think of it like the “butterfly effect.” No. Not the time travel one. That butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling before a big event. There was once a time when we couldn’t explain why that happened, but now we know it occurs due to how significantly the gut impacts our emotions. If you frequent emojis like the frowny-face emoji, steam-out-nostrils emoji — or your friends often respond with middle finger emojis — then you absolutely need to prioritize your gut health. And if you’re never stressed…are you even human?

General: By now we all know that enzymes are substances that speed up biochemical reactions. So digestive enzymes, simply put, are substances that help speed up digestion. The ingredients in the BUCKED UP Enzymes are largely a mix of enzymes and prebiotics.

Carb Assistance: Whether it’s starchy carbs, fruits, or even vegetables, these enzymes help your body break down complex carbs and insoluble fibers to make them accessible for daily energy.

Protein Assistance: Unless you’re a vegan granted superpowers for attempting to save the planet from the food industry, your body needs protein for several important functions such as building muscle, energy, fat loss, sleep, and even mood. We’ve included protein specific enzymes to make sure you’re not eating healthy in vain. These enzymes work by breaking down protein bonds and convert them into amino acids.

Fat Assistance: Your body, your brain, and your spirit need healthy fats. Your body and brain use them for optimal function, and your spirit…well…have you ever tried a fat, juicy grass-fed ribeye or artichoke dipped in butter? (They’re basically transcendence on a plate.) The problem is that many people don’t digest fats well. That’s why we added Lipase. This enzyme helps your body utilize the micronutrients within those delicious, delicious fats. Mmmm…bacon.

Dairy Assistance: Are you sick of window shopping Half Baked ice creams like a kid staring at the video game console he’ll never afford on his current allowance? Well, take your hands off the glass and open the freezer aisle door already, because life without ice cream is no life at all. We’ve formulated our BUCKED UP Enzymes to help you digest dairy as well.

Prebiotics: Prebiotics — not to be confused with probiotics — not only stimulate the production of more probiotics in your gut, they also help strengthen your good bacteria. The best way to look at the difference between the two biotics is: probiotics keep your body healthy and prebiotics keep them healthy.

While taking probiotics isn’t a bad thing, prebiotics are a far better long-term investment. First, our gut holds around 100 trillion bacteria and typical doses of probiotics are between 5-100 billion CFUs. Throwing in a daily dose of probiotics is like dropping a single seed into soil in hopes of growing a healthy flora garden, whereas prebiotics are fertilizer.



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