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Hi, I Am Mariah

I have over a decade of working with children and adults with disabilities, ranging on a very wide spectrum including physical, mental, sensory and intellectual. My education ranges from an AA in elementary education, BA in special education and pursuit of MA in behavior analysis. My working experience and personal experience have created the ultimate foundation of Trucks & Trainers LLC. 

My love for fitness did not develop until shortly after I had a year of multiple strokes, seizures and rehabilitation. After fighting to learn how to walk, talk and live again, I fell in love with the human body and what it was capable of. I began to change my nutrition and physical activity because my life depended on it. With some time and dedication, I was able to get off all of my medication, stop having seizures, decrease my chronic inflammation and migraines. Fitness has become such a key role in my life- I have decided to dedicate my time, effort and knowledge to better serve those around me to become the best version of themselves. All of us are uniquely faced with obstacles and we have control of whether it makes or breaks us. I’m here for you and your family… how can I help? 


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